Frans Radar - Marigold V

Frans Radar – Marigold V is de derde strip van Bertin. Een science fiction klucht waarbij de held, die we herkennen uit de videoclip van VISITORS – No Flash Photography, onbedoeld in een ruimte-avontuur belandt.

“… Marigold V is another ludicrously improbable space adventure by Frans Radar and his extra terrestrial compagnion Zok. It’s a good old-fashioned space-farce about space-reciprocity and it’s set in the far corner of a very unknown universe.

We meet the young prince Marigold V, who is the aire to the throne of the Marigold kingdom. They cross paths with the evil antagonist Zly Tyran who’ll do anything to obtain more super powers, and keep her youthfull charm. In a whirlwind of adventure we also meet a mechanical monster, a puppy Anglibul and a group of fanatic alien rights activists. …”

48 pages
full colour
staple binding
soft cover

ISBN 9789082422955

limited edition 100

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