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Het eerste boek over Neder-Punk ‘Het Gejuich was Massaal’ uit 1996 is natuurlijk nergens meer te krijgen. Maar geen paniek! Er is nu een vertaalde en opnieuw vormgegeven editie door Korm Plastics. De titel is ‘I’m Sure We’re Gonna Make It’ en het is het eerste engelstalige boek over de Nederlands punkscene in de jaren 1977 – 1982. Vrijdag 15 april werd het boek gepresenteerd in Db’s Utreg.

Auteurs: Jeroen Vedder, Jerry GoossensVertaling:
Frans de Waard, Mark PoysdenOntwerp:
Studio Bertin


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A Comparision Between One Analogy And Another Analogy (2020)

by Breytenbach

This album has a snappy title but some extended and moderately minimal music. It is produced with two analog synthesizers and two Casio sk1 keyboards simultaneously. Little to no overdubbing or editing, which adds to a more vivacious experience. Fit for background, concentration, ambient, non-music. Listen hither or Buy it, it is only 12 cents per minute.

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Welcome to a sonic expedition. Follow the link to start your trip. BREAKERS offers a variety of timbres, rhythms and melodies that are adventurous and inspirational. Everything from a poly-rhythmic upbeat noise track to a cruise along the coast of uncharted artistry.

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Mini (2010)

Johann Kauth asked me to make a tape for his Stenze Quo label. I was honored and immediately became inspired by the idea of releasing a cassette. I decided to make this album as analog as I could. I used only Casio keyboards and a different Casio for every song. In the end I also used two Yamahas and a Korg Minipops rhythmbox and some analog echo effects.
The tracks are mostly instrumental easy going pop miniatures with little or no abstractions or experimentation.
The tape was released and re-released in 2010 as a limited edition. The original silkscreen artwork (not on Bandcamp) and the print on the cassette are by Johann. download here