MORGAN (2022)

In 2019(BC) speelde ik in een polder-rock bandje. Ik nam daarvoor enkele instrumentale tracks op thuis, om mee te nemen naar de oefenruimte. Corona haalde de wind uit de zeilen van de band met de geniale naam: “Een Pakket Aan Maatregelen” maar de opnames lagen nog bij mij op de plank. Nu staan ze op Spotify:

Return to sender (1998)

22 terrible songs recorded by this 19 year old art school student in his small attic studio from October 1997 till February 1998.

It’s pretty lo-fi and experimental but has some great song ideas. Like the original recordings of Squaredance, Toolbox Murders, Cut To The Chase and Candybars. These were later adopted by the group Pet or Luau.

It also has some more experimental stuff like Water Rising Sun, a poem set on some Korg ms20 sci-fi sounds, recorded at the Aki art academy.

Recorded on a Tascam tape recorder with various tape speed manipulations. You can expect the typical lo-fi arrangements using acoustic and electric guitars, melodica, some vinyl scratching, kitchen utensils, and Casio beats.

A Comparision Between One Analogy And Another Analogy (2020)

by Breytenbach

This album has a snappy title but some extended and moderately minimal music. It is produced with two analog synthesizers and two Casio sk1 keyboards simultaneously. Little to no overdubbing or editing, which adds to a more vivacious experience. Fit for background, concentration, ambient, non-music. Listen hither or Buy it, it is only 12 cents per minute.

Misophonia (2020)

A quieter, less beat-oriented album with purely instrumental compositions, made out of samples and some digitally processed instruments. It contains seven tracks.


Welcome to a sonic expedition. Follow the link to start your trip. BREAKERS offers a variety of timbres, rhythms and melodies that are adventurous and inspirational. Everything from a poly-rhythmic upbeat noise track to a cruise along the coast of uncharted artistry.

The Forgotten Miniatures (2018)

Found material recorded on tape and harddrive. Electronic improvisations, effect driven poetry, guitars, Casio keyboards, Korg ms-20. A rich and diverse album, with songs and a genuine house track, and mixed to one long track.

Mini (2010)

Johann Kauth asked me to make a tape for his Stenze Quo label. I was honored and immediately became inspired by the idea of releasing a cassette. I decided to make this album as analog as I could. I used only Casio keyboards and a different Casio for every song. In the end I also used two Yamahas and a Korg Minipops rhythmbox and some analog echo effects.
The tracks are mostly instrumental easy going pop miniatures with little or no abstractions or experimentation.
The tape was released and re-released in 2010 as a limited edition. The original silkscreen artwork (not on Bandcamp) and the print on the cassette are by Johann. download here


VISITORS – Hello World (2015)

Cassette uitgave op Barreuh Records 2014

“VISITORS is probably best described as an excellent project coughed up by the illustrious creative mind of a certain individual named BERTIN. It also might be that visitors from outer space had visited him and reprogrammed BERTIN to be the mouth and musical brain to express their cultural approved foreign alien propaganda, against his own will. ”

“this tape has 9 songs and they all are material of an excellent catchy kind. Not over the top poppy, very sci-fi, but all done in a friendly and good mannered way.”

link naar volledige review >>  ‘Yeah, I know it sucks

The Fathers of Inventions (2016)

The origin of ideas. That is one of my fascinations. In cinema, in fashion, in literature, in music.

This album is fully electronic. Mostly digitally synthesized out of samples.


This is the quintessential VISITORS album from 2012. A tribute to 20th-century sci-fi, composed in catchy electro-pop songs. It’s a reflection on life as we know it, from a God’s eye view of extraterrestrial aliens and futuristic robots.

I’m proud of the music, the lyrics and the concept. Besides this music, many music video’s were made and concerts were given. I want to thank my fellow visitors who performed with me on stage, acted in the video’s and helped with the workshop’s and filming.

Spotify: Vistitors – 2012