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VISITORS – Hello World (2015)

Cassette uitgave op Barreuh Records 2014

“VISITORS is probably best described as an excellent project coughed up by the illustrious creative mind of a certain individual named BERTIN. It also might be that visitors from outer space had visited him and reprogrammed BERTIN to be the mouth and musical brain to express their cultural approved foreign alien propaganda, against his own will. ”

“this tape has 9 songs and they all are material of an excellent catchy kind. Not over the top poppy, very sci-fi, but all done in a friendly and good mannered way.”

link naar volledige review >>  ‘Yeah, I know it sucks

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This is the quintessential VISITORS album from 2012. A tribute to 20th-century sci-fi, composed in catchy electro-pop songs. It’s a reflection on life as we know it, from a God’s eye view of extraterrestrial aliens and futuristic robots.

I’m proud of the music, the lyrics and the concept. Besides this music, many music video’s were made and concerts were given. I want to thank my fellow visitors who performed with me on stage, acted in the video’s and helped with the workshop’s and filming.

Spotify: Vistitors – 2012

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Nur Elektronische Gerate im Tropischer Garten (2007)

In the winter of 2007 I got the opportunity to be an ‘artist in residence’ for a short while and work in the CEM studio embedded in Worm, Rotterdam. There, near the very pittoresque (when snow-covered) Delfshaven, I got to fool around with a rare and antic ARP 2500 modular synthesizer (from the early 70’s !) and also some other impressive 19″ rack with a mixture of analog synth modules. Basically just a whole lot of buttons, matrix systems and patch cables for me to get lost in.
After a few days of investigating and experimenting I had figured out the basic capabilities of the machines and got to appreciate not only the warm ’round’ sound of the oscillators and filters, but also the notably instability of the old analog set and figured out the logic of a ten step sequencer.

In the end, I edited my recordings into twelve nice-sounding miniatures and compiled an album of it. Each track is given the name of exotic fruit to accentuate each specific flavor. Mind you, it’s without doing any mastering. So it might not win the loudness war. But his is a chance for listeners to come close to experiencing the dynamic quality of analog synthesizers.

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Joyeux (2004)

This album is one great merriment or delight. Made with Casio keyboards and some Korg ms-20 space sounds. Inspired mostly by easy tune Martin Denny, Popcorn, instrumental hollywood music from the 50’s and 60’s, but I can’t promise it sounds that way.

It’s available on Spotify.

It does however feature the immensly popular track Videorecorder. Which is available on 7″ vinyl

The artwork is an altered reproduction of T-rex’s Ride a white swan compilation album (1972). An album I have listened to a lot.