Wasting precious summertime (1998)

This is the first album that I released as a Cdr and demo-tape back in 1998. It’s song-based lo-fi music in the same line as Beck, Ween, and Smog.

On this album I had fun experimenting with loops and beats. The samples and loops in these recordings are made with a prepared record player. The echo effect on Racecars and Horses is created with two cassette players. Other instruments and sound effects I used are Spanish guitar, melodica, television, and I made beats with Propellerhead Rebirth.

All songs were written and recorded between 22th and 29th of Juli 1998 on a four-track cassette recorder and digitally remastered in the spring of 2000. The original master was lost and the audio is taken from a twenty year old CDR meaning the first track has some glitches. Other than that it is exactly how it sounded in 1998.

Produced by Bertin. Thanks to Jaap Schuurman and Rik Simon.